All characters featured in Jesus Strikes Back are fictional and do not reflect or represent, whether directly or indirectly, any real world person(s), group or demographic. Along with those shown below, other in game NPCs include Goat Rapists, Jihadi IS Brides, Long nosed NWO bankers, College Professors, SC Thots, Game Journalists, Fake News Journalists, 

Current bosses includeB. Sandors, Obamination, Mam, Roo Pull, N. Peelosee, Jocindar Akbar, Alexa Occasional Cortex, Ill Ham Omor


This is the most common radical group you will encounter in the New World. They are never alone and always hunt in packs typically consisting of 5 to 10 NPCs as they are weak alone, however they can be a threat when they are working as a large coordinated pack. They will only attack when their pack is large in number, else they will attempt to flee.

Hostility: Medium

Threat Level: Low


Although similar in nature to the typical Social Justice Warrior, the Feminazi is easily distinguished by their brightly colored hair which serves to scare away potential mates. The Feminazi can often be heard emitting a sharp screech which only other Feminazis are capable of understanding. They will attack any male on sight. Although mostly female, there have been rare sightings of the elusive “male feminazi”.

Hostility: high

Threat Level: Low


The Rainbow Reich Militia (RRM) was formed after the world collapsed. The rainbow militants hunt in large packs of up to 30 looking for any victim who does not belong to the RRM. They are known to completely disembowel their victims – many have been found all over the New World with their entrails leaking from their torn anuses. They are weak alone, but when in large packs they will surround their target and attempt to attack from behind.

Hostility: high

Threat Level: Low alone, high in large packs



Exploiting the global anarchy of the New World regime, these invaders freely transgress borders moving from foreign city to city – looting, raping and slaughtering all in their path. The alien invaders can appear in gangs of 3 to 10 members and can sometimes be armed with weapons including knives, crowbars, bats and handguns. The alien invaders march into each unsuspecting city with only one motive in their heart – to kill you and then rape your wife and kids.

Hostility: High

Threat Level: High



These people come from wealthy, middle class suburban families. Some of them used to be gamerz but they became too pressured by the myth of gamer guilt pushed by the non-gamerz, ultimately driving them to become non-gamerz themselves. While they are usually always armed with weapons, none of them have even half the balls to use them at all, let alone effectively. These non-gamerz believe they are very epic, however the reality is their only purpose in this world is to provide free widespread comedy for the gamerz.

Hostility: Absolutely none whatsoever

Threat Level: Threats to themselves only



Financed directly by the NWO regime, these “doctors” are tasked with “aborting” (i.e murdering) a percentage of children in order to cull the global population. Not only are these serial killers tasked with murdering babies, but they will also inject questionable substances into anyone who has an opinion not prescribed by the NWO, in order to cure Wrongthink.

Hostility: High

Threat Level: High



These violent communists come to power by claiming to be “for the people”, promising to make everything free for those who are too lazy to work for themselves. Once they are in power however, they line only their own pockets and never deliver on the promise of “free everything”. The Demonkrat is always flanked by a herd of NPC comrades ready to do their bidding. 

Hostility: High

Threat Level: High



The legendary radical, frenzied, non-binary, gender fluid, pansexual humanoid berserker. Man? Woman? Or complete myth? Rumors of the elusive RFNBGFPHB often circulate around the New World taverns and bars, and legend has it that no one knows what the RFNBGFPHB looks like as no one has lived to tell the tale. Gruesome stories are told of them destroying everything and anything in their path. If they do exist and you encounter one in the New World, do not engage. Run.

Hostility: IMMENSE

Threat Level: Words cannot describe