Are you ready to make some Führerious shekels, Goyim?

Benefits of working with JSB:

  1.  No verification or approval process for new affiliates
  2.  Simple to use transparent and real time affiliate dashboard
  3.  Receive a free copy of Jesus Strikes Back when you generate five sales – great for those who do not have the money to afford a copy themselves;
  4. Earn big shekels as a professional shit-poster


Q. How does the affiliate system work?

A. In order to become a JSB affiliate, you must first register an account here. Account registration is free, requires no verification or approval whatsoever, and is anonymous. You can then access your affiliate dashboard where you will be able to view your affiliate statistics such as your earnings, referral traffic and how many visitors have used your affiliate link – all updated in real time.

Q. How are earnings calculated?

A. As an affiliate, you receive 33% commission of the current JSB sale price for every successful JSB purchase generated by you. When a visitor visits our website through your unique affiliate link, a cookie will be placed on their device which will identify you as the referring affiliate on a successful purchase by the visitor. You will then see your earnings increase in real time on your affiliate dashboard. The identifying cookie lasts for 30 days(assuming the visitor does not delete their cookies), so any purchase by the visitor within that period will still ensure you receive your referral commission, so even if a visitor clicks your affiliate link and does not purchase JSB immediately and decides to return to buy at a later date, you will still receive your affiliate commission.

Q. How will I be paid?

A. Once your earnings are at least $20, you can request a payout here. A member of the JSB team will review the request within 24 hours and as long as you are at the minum payout threshold, the payout will be made immediately. You can choose to be paid either through PayPal or Bitcoin. (While we are banned from selling JSB through PayPal, we will still be able to transfer any PayPal payout to you through our personal PayPal accounts)


Q. What requirements are needed to become an affiliate?

A. There are no requirements whatsoever and thus anyone can register as an affiliate and start straight away.


Q. How do I generate sales?

A. As an affiliate it is up to you and your imagination on how you plan to promote your affiliate link. Whether you choose to promote your affiliate link like a decent human being in an orderly man, or shit-post, troll and spam the hell out of it is up to you.

Q. What if I have other questions?

A. You can contact us here, and we will respond within 24 hours.